Meet me Conference

A conference facility that allows a user to schedule and manage conferences online, invited participants are notified using SMS, Email and Calendar.

Make tasks easier
  • Routine meetings are more effective
Cost savings
  • Follow-up to earlier meetings can be done with relative ease and little expense.
Outcomes that go beyond expectations
  • Web interface
  • SMS and email notification
  • Outlook calendar integration
Outperform current solutions and delight
  • Ease of deployment
  • Immediate service delivery
  • Service convergence (Email, SMS, Fixed & mobile)
  • No CapEx
  • Easy payment terms
Fulfil something dreamt about
  • Listen and comment when necessary
  • Make contribution at an appropriate time
  • Manage time and costs by joining and living the conference as and when required
  • Web based
  • Contact list
  • Meeting template
  • Time Zones
  • Conference dashboard
  • Join & manage conference from Fixed or Mobile phone
Medium Enterprises
Large Enterprises & Government