Inaugural BTC Foundation Charity Walk (DOUBLE SPREAD FOR THIS FEATURE)

BTC Foundation organised the highly successful Inaugural BTC Foundation Charity Walk. The walk, which was a first for the BTC Foundation, took place on Saturday 27th April 2019. The route for this historic walk was in the hilly terrain of the Moshupa area, with the Chief Walker being the First Lady of the Republic of Botswana, Mrs Neo J. Masisi. The BTC Foundation expresses its gratitude for the presence of the Chief Walker.

Funds raised from the Charity Walk were reinvested back into the community to support causes in line with the Foundation’s focus areas and those aligned with the charitable interests of the First Lady. The walk was a resounding success with walkers indicating that they enjoyed the challenging terrain.

In attendance was the Local Leadership/Dikgosi of the Moshupa area, BTC Chairperson, BTC Foundation Chairperson and Trustees, BTC Managing Director, BTC Executive Management, BTC Staff, the community of Moshupa and multitudes of walkers from Gaborone and surrounding.

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