Net Connect Suite

Let us connect your business to solutions that empower growth. Net Connect, Net connect Plus and Premium Connect are SME customised products that offer fast internet access for business use.

Net connect is a broadband service that offers enhanced internet speeds with improved sharing rate normally referred to as contention ( 1:4 ). The offer comes with a combo router that offers Wi-Fi connectivity, redundancy through LTE network and four Ethernet ports. Each link passes through a firewall located in BTC to clean malwares and viruses make the performance of link to be faster. The product has two categories being:

  • Net connect 4Mbps
  • Net connect 20Mbps

Net connect plus is a customised service for the education and hospitality sector. The service can be extended from the router to improve the signal coverage. The internet access is faster due to a limited market segment between schools and hospitalities who has alternate utilization pattern. The product has three plans:

  • Net connect Plus 4Mbps
  • Net connect Plus 20Mbps
  • Net connect Plus 50Mbps

Premium Connect, is a high end SME package with guaranteed internet and public IP address for hosted networks. The standard service offers burstable internet access to improve speed of access and customisable solution to meet specified solutions at cost. This includes specific routers, customised Wi-Fi, firewalls and bandwidth managers. The packages are:

  • Premium Connect 4Mbps
  • Premium Connect 20Mbps
  • Premium Connect 50Mbps