Why Chose BTC Cloud

Certified Data Centre

At BTC, we know the importance of data to your organization, which is why we pride ourselves in being the data centre solutions provider you can depend on. BTC Cloud products are hosted at the world class Sentlhaga Data Centre, a secure, highly available and reliable Uptime Institute Tier Certified Facility.

In-Country Cloud Offers

Store and process your data locally at Sentlhaga Data Centre to comply with Botswana Law (Data Protection Act, 2018).

Robust Infrastructure

Multi-Tenant Data Centre Solutions for highly available and elastic Cloud Solutions to meet your service requirements


Choose any of our unique business package offerings

Enterprising minds need enterprising Broadband Solutions, Pick your package and let your business thrive!


Work from anywhere solutions

BTC offers a range of solutions that can help you get back to work and collaborate
from the comfort of wherever you are. These solutions can be setup without
any need by us to come to you or your home.

A telecommunications company helping startups & big companies

BTC exists to help companies inspire, adapt and take advantage of change. We orchestrate people, systems, processes and technology to work together and better our clients’ businesses.

Corporate Private Network

A virtual private network running over the BTC Mobile network. Access all corporate applications from the comfort of your own home.

We can set up your company and your whole team remotely now!

All weather, all conditions, anywhere. Mobile VSAT has you covered.

Ideal for practically any marketplace, BTC Mobile VSAT is a communication solution providing high-speed satellite internet service from anywhere and is ideal choice for businesses operating in remote, temporal and emergency areas. This niche technology has limitless broad applications.