Thapong Visual Arts Partnership

In 2018, the BTC Foundation signed a three-year partnership with Thapong Visual Arts Centre to encourage the preservation and promotion of the arts and culture a grassroots level. The partnership is valued at BWP1.7 million and includes the BTC Phonebook Cover competition, the Thapong Artist of the Year Awards (TAYA), and a series of countrywide artist development workshops.

The BTC Phonebook and TAYA award ceremony was held in November 2019 at Thapong Visual Arts Centre. The prizes included a cash component and a fully paid-up participation in an exchange programme in Zambia. BTC Foundation was proud to recognise Mr Lambert Baikakedi and Mr Danny Phenyo Moatlhodi, who won the BTC Phonebook competition and Thapong Artist of the Year, respectively. The creatives were rewarded with a week-long excursion to Insaka International Artist Trust in Zambia, with the exchange experience becoming a platform to interact with and learn from a diversified pool of artists.

Under the above partnership, Thapong Visual Arts Centre contributes to the development of the creative industry by conducting workshops across the country, providing artists with professional exposure, skills development, and the introduction of new art ideas. These workshops are attended by artists, art trainers and teachers alike.

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