BTC expands network in the Northwest region and empowers community with an E-Learning suite.

Botswana Telecommunications Corporation Limited (BTC) and the Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) have joined forces to celebrate the successful expansion of the BTC network in the northwest region. The network expansion project involved upgrading the existing 2G mobile network coverage to the advanced 4G/LTE, significantly improving connectivity in the area.

Speaking at the momentous launch which commenced with a stakeholder engagement session at Matsaudi kgotla, the BTC Managing Director Mr Anthony Masunga expressed his gratitude to BOCRA for their Universal Services Access Fund (USAF) initiative that facilitates partnerships with telecommunications companies to bring connectivity to previously underserved areas. He highlighted that this upgrade from 2G to 4G will enable the community to access a wide range of BTC products and services, including the innovative BTC Smega Mobile Money Service, which empowers the unbanked, underserved and the underbanked.

The BTC Managing Director stated that the company has 63 4G sites in the Ngamiland and Okavango region, adding that in Ngamiland region, BTC has upgraded 19 sites to 4G as part of the USAF Project rollout. “These sites are Tsau, Semboyo, Makakaung, Kareng, Bodibeng, Bothatogo, Komana, Matsaung, Sankoyo, Mababe, Khwai, Matsaudi, Makalamabedi, Shorobe, Legothona, Somela, Xangwa, Xaxa and Habu, therefore making a significant step towards digital inclusion for the entire community.

Mr Masunga emphasised BTC’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of citizens, recognising that every individual’s requirement matters. He reiterated BTC’s dedication to the transformative power of communication and connectivity, and the positive impact it can have on society.

Delivering his remarks, the Chief Executive of Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA), Mr Martin Mokgware stated that his organisation is among others, responsible for regulating the communications sector in Botswana, comprising telecommunications, Internet, Information & Communications Technologies (ICTs), radio communications, broadcasting, postal services, and related matters. He added that BOCRA is also responsible for establishing tariff principles to be applied in the setting of tariffs and other charges including price caps or other price controls, for different classes or categories of services or products.

Mr Mokgware however cautioned parents to be aware of the content that their children consume on their phones and advised them to guide them to avoid committing social ills using the internet. He concluded by advising the youth in Northwest to “use the internet to post your local content and generate income for yourselves”, adding that “services such as e-tourism and using your natural talents can benefit our economy”, he said.

As part of their ongoing efforts to support local communities, BTC, in collaboration with their technical supplier, Huawei Technologies Botswana, has generously donated full soccer kits and equipment worth P149,000.00 to eight football teams in the Okavango and Northwest regions. The beneficiary teams in the Northwest region include Maun Terrors, Ships of the Desert, The Lords of Sporting Football Club, and Wild Dogs Football Club. Each team will also receive a cash prize of P5,000.00, to be paid using BTC Smega.

Furthermore, BTC’s commitment to education is demonstrated through their donation of a full computer set valued at P9,000.00 to Matsaudi kgotla. The company has also presented Matsaudi Primary School with an eLearning suite valued at P90,705.84, ensuring that the school is equipped with cutting-edge teaching and learning technology to enhance the education of its students.

BTC’s network expansion and philanthropic efforts underscore their dedication to empowering communities through technology and connectivity. With a vision for a more connected future, BTC remains steadfast in its mission to bridge the digital divide and uplift the lives of the people it serves.



For more information kindly contact,

Head of Stakeholder Relation: Ms. Lesego Goitsemang

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Cell no: +26775854602

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BTC Launches And Celebrates Network Expansion With Okavango Community.

Botswana Telecommunications Corporation Limited (BTC) held a stakeholder engagement session at Shakawe kgotla to engage residents of the Okavango region on the network expansion project that the company has delivered in their area. Through this project, BTC has provided connectivity to schools, kgotlas, health posts and communities in the region.

Speaking at the launch, the BTC Managing Director Mr. Anthony Masunga stated that the project which is delivered in collaboration with Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) was undertaken to upgrade the BTC mobile network to 4G/ LTE, adding that the region was previously extensively covered by 2G. The project covered 45 villages in both the Okavango and Northwest regions. Mr Masunga added that “BTC continually invests in the expansion of its network to offer users and customers the widest coverage, fast speeds and optimally performing network that provides innovative and affordable services”.

Addressing delegates at the kgotla, the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Communication Knowledge and Technology, Mr Pontsho Pusoetsile highlighted the importance of telecommunication infrastructure and connectivity in our society, adding that BTC is the vehicle through which Botswana will finally achieve prosperity for all in the year 2036. He noted that indeed networks have a significant role as they function as the backbone of today’s interconnected world.

“I am keenly aware of the transformative power that access to reliable and efficient communication will bring to the lives of our fellow citizens residing in the Okavango region” he added. Mr Pusoetsile also highlighted that “being more connected will contribute to more sustainable development in the Okavango region by enabling the implementation of smart solutions”. He cited the below as some of the benefits that connectivity offers to the regions, “from efficient energy management to optimised water usage and waste management, connectivity can support environmentally friendly practices and promote sustainable living in harmony with the region’s unique ecosystem”, he said.

Huawei Technologies Botswana, who are BTC’s technical partners, donated football kits to eight (8) teams based in the Okavango and northwest regions to the total value of P149,000.00. Additionally, the teams based in Okavango region, namely Headwater Sporting Club, Etsha Green stars, Etsha Morning stars and Mbunda. Football Club received cash prizes of five thousand pula each (BWP5,000.00) to assist with the daily operations of the team. The funds will be deposited into each team’s BTC Smega account.

The Account Director at Huawei Technologies Botswana, Mr Lixiang highlighted the importance of rural connectivity by adding that “access to communication and technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity”. He added that while urban areas are advancing in terms of technology and connectivity, we must not forget our remote areas who face challenges accessing essential services and opportunities” he said.

To further celebrate this great milestone with the Okavango community, BTC through its Foundation donated a full computer set to Shakawe kgotla valued at nine thousand pula (BWP9,000.00). The computer will be used in the kgotla office for daily operations when assisting members of the public. Additionally, BTC donated and handed over an eLearning suite to Ngambao Junior Secondary School in Seronga. The donation of the eLearning suite was made possible by the availability of the modernised BTC 4G network.







For more information Kindly contact

Head of Stakeholder Relation: Ms. Lesego Goitsemang


Cell No: +26775854602

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The Republic of Botswana through the Ministry of Communications, Knowledge and Technology in collaboration with the ICT Sector is scheduled to commemorate the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) on the 17th May 2022. This year the commemorations will be held in Mmathubudukwane village, Police Grounds.

The event is commemorated annually by International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Member States to showcase and help raise awareness of what Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) offer, the immense opportunities and their life-changing power if harnessed properly and effectively. ITU Member States are encouraged to ensure universal access to ICTs, bridge the digital divide, and empower citizens with digital skills to benefit significantly from new and emerging technologies.

The theme for the 2022 commemoration is; “Digital Technologies for the Older Persons and Healthy Ageing.” The theme challenges Member States to reaffirm their commitment to accelerating digital technologies to bring older persons online, improve access and empower them to make use of digital technologies effectively for their health and well-being.

Furthermore it focuses on combating discrimination, reducing inequalities and promoting healthy lifestyles through the use of smart technologies.

Though older persons are not as technologically savvy like the younger generation, they should be able to use digital technologies to keep in touch with family and friends, get access to medical care and financial services as well as to be up to date with the latest information. This commemoration will therefore be used to share with the elderly, useful information they will need on the proper use of ICTs.

Preceding the WTISD is the Girls in ICT Day scheduled for the 13th May 2022 at Mabalane Community Hall. The event is commemorated annually to create awareness and encourage girls and young women to pursue careers and studies in ICTs. The Information Communication and Technology (ICT) sector has over the years been dominated by males globally. Botswana has not been an exception. Although efforts have been made to bridge the gap, inequalities still persist, hence the need to increase and advocate for comprehensive knowledge and resources to equip the Girl child with skills to explore the digital world while fulfilling the goals of the Connect 2030 Agenda, one of which is ‘inclusiveness.’

The commemoration this year will be held under the theme: Access and Safety. The theme emphasises on promoting and advancing resources to address the obstacles of digital access and safe use of online platforms by girls and young women who are often vulnerable to online scams, bullying and shaming. As part of this year’s commemoration of the Girls in ICT Day, secondary school girls from Kgatleng Region were trained on coding, cybersecurity as well as entrepreneurial skills using ICTs.

Download Press Release – WTISD 2022

For more information, please contact:
Ministry of Communications, Knowledge and Technology
Public Relations Office
Phone: + 267 361 2000/2013/2045

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