Call Recording

Get insights from customers who call your call center and how you can serve them better with call recording. We offer call recording solution designed to record calls from all PABX types, both analogue, digital and IP Phones can be recorded. This solution also provides encryption for all calls transmitted over the internet.

  • The need for adherence to regulation by Contact Centers in ensuring that they keep call records for a predefined period before they can be destroyed.
  • Threats made through telephones makes a call recording evidence handy
  • Call recording is important in Contact Centers as they can be used for couching and quality management.
Search and Playback
  • Find and hear your calls in seconds
  • Protect your greatest data assets
Team Management
  • Empower your people for results
Technical Management
  • Experience technology that just works
Intelligence and Reporting
  • Work smarter with beer insights
  • Align to legal and customer expectations
Medium Enterprises
Large Enterprises & Government