VSAT is an acronym for Very Small Aperture Terminal, is a small telecommunication earth station that receives and transmits real-time data via satellite. In tertiary institutions, this service providers internet connectivity which is very necessary towards;

  • Ensuring enhanced educational solutions
  • Broadcasting educational TV channels
  • Connecting the school to students, parents, ANYWHERE
  • Developing Internet literacy
  • Training tutors
Government & Enterprise Market
  • Schools; Pre-Primary to Tertiary Clinics,
  • Hospitals and home-based care units
  • BURS Banks and Parastatals
    SME AND SOHO Market
    • Civil & Construction sites
    • Mining operations
    • Safari lodges
      Ressidential Market
      • Farmers
      • Homes

        VSAT addressable market and application segments

        Addressable Market
        • BTC VSAT HUB
          Addressable Application Segments
          • Cellular Backhauling
          • Banking & ATMs
          • Broadband Internet
          • Enterprise VPNs
          • Digital Media
          • Education & Training
          • Mobility
          • Emergence Response

            Benefits of BTC VSAT

            • Offers high speed internet connectivity of up to 50Mbps
            • Connectivity anywhere within the satelite footprint
            • Quick to deploy
            • Scalable, fast broadband internet
            • Secure data transmition
            • Fixed monthly cost available in various packages
            • No data capping
            • Can be used redundantly at critical sites
            • BTC PremiumVSAT requires a single-phase power supply
            • BTC PremiumVSAT can connect through solar power and solution can be customer requirements
            • Research new methods of farming to increase outputs
            • Monitor and respond to weather variability on a day-to-day basis
            • Use the Internet to exchange ideas and information
            • Create new markets for existing rural businesses and allow farmers to sell goods online
            • Have access to data which relies on connectivity thus solving the challenges of rural communication with high speed Satellite Internet.
            • Ensuring enhanced educational solutions for all schools, regardless of location
            • Broadcasting educational TV channels directly to the schools
            • Enabling pupils to participate in distance learning sessions
            • Connecting the school to students, parents, and to the world at large
            • Developing Internet literacy
            • Accessing remote libraries
            • Training teachers
            • Guests and visitors to remote hospitality businesses demand always-on connectivity for email and Internet access.
            • High-speed Wi-Fi for guest rooms
            • Hotel reservations, secure billing and other operations
            • On-site business conferences
            • Internet cafés for non-guests
            • Office networking and productivity
            • ATM transactions
            • VOIP communications
            • Security and surveillance systems
            • POS transactions