Telephone Management System

Allow us to manage, monitor and plan how your business communicates. Telephone Management Software is software used for monitoring PABX calls, reports can be generated per extension user, department, in graphical format. Packages include Man3000 Soft Orange, Man3000 Dongle Orange, Man3000 So Blue, Man3000 Dongle Blue, Man3000 Blue Buer and Man3000 DHS GPRS.

Cost Containment
  • Outgoing extensions call costs can be managed through extension budget controller, costs from private calls can be recovered.
  • Law firms can correctly pass on call costs to their clients.
  • The ability to see call statistics for incoming, outgoing, missed & unanswered calls.
Call handling Efficiency
  • Statistics helps in optimising decision making, whether you need to increase your answer points, trunks etc.
Call fraud Management
  • Calls that have a longer call duration can be agged and investigated for call fraud.
  • Extension / Account Code Budget Reporting
  • Emailing Reports through Microsoft Outlook 2000
  • Graphical Reporting on Extension
  • Automatic Emailing of Unauthorized Calls
  • Monitor abusive calls by Cost ; Duration etc.
  • Networking Multiple sites
  • Automatic Exporting
  • Centralized Reporting
  • Built in Guest Package
  • Live Exports to Hotel Attorney & Packages
  • Automatic Back-up of Call Records. Same Site or O Site
Medium Enterprises
Large Enterprises & Government