What Internet Packages do you offer?

BTC has various options to connect internet to your home. We have a fixed internet connectivity packages and mobile internet packages. I will explain the benefits so that as a customer you can make an informed decision.

  • ADSL, VDSL & Fibre – Fixed internet
  • 4.5G Fast Connect – Mobile Internet

Based on the needs assessment, we have the following options that I will elaborate on for you as the customer to make the best decision that will fit your internet needs.

4Mbps 20Mbps 50Mbps
12 Months Contract 648.91 1,205.00 2,505.00
24 Months Contract 605.91 1,085.01 2,295.00
36 Months Contract 436.00 975.00 1,985.00

Installation Fee: P250

  • 4Mbps is ideal for a small family with young kids, do usual browsing activities & social networking on up to 4 devices
  • 20Mbps is fit for a larger family with older kids, have multiple devices.  Great for speed junkies & gamers who want faster downloads & uploads
  • Best for connecting multiple devices online & seamless browsing of the internet. Allows faster downloads, file sharing, video,  music streaming, gaming & more

Can a contract be cancelled before it elapses?

  • A contract cannot be cancelled before it elapses. There is a penalty charge if one cancels before the end of the duration of the contract. The customer will pay the remainder of the contract if they terminate early.

Do I require a telephone line connection to have a broadband service?

  • Though broadband is transmitted though copper, a customer does not require to have a telephone line installed. It is an option for a customer to choose if they need a telephone line for their voice service needs.

What is broadband connection speed?

  • Broadband speed is the rate that information is sent (upload speed) or received (download speed) on your broadband line. The speed of your Internet connection is determined by Kbps (kilobits per second) or Mbps (megabits per second). The more ‘bits per second’ you have, the faster your Internet experience hence downloading, uploading, sending and receiving will be faster and anything less than 256Kbps is too slow to be classified as Broadband.

Is it dedicated?

  • Internet connection speed varies with the number of users on the service at a specific point in time. Given a specific geographical area, users of the broadband service share the connection bandwidth which slows the speed. The more users are on the network at that particular time, the slower it becomes. This will occur at the peak times e.g. late in the evenings, after the work day is over when many people will be accessing the Internet at home.

What is meant by Uncapped Internet? Is it unlimited?

  • Uncapped Internet, also referred to as unlimited Internet provides unlimited access to the Internet for downloading, gaming, watching and listening to music and videos and giving you the freedom to use as much bandwidth as you like, when you like.

Reporting a fault, give customer contact for reporting a fault, explain the TAT

  • A customer can report for a fault through telephone: call 121 or 1333 (toll free) or call 3923141 (Standard rates apply)
  • Please send e-mail to the following e-mail addresses: Contact Centre: 121@btc.bw/ All Enquiries: crm@btc.bw
  • SMS to e-mail: 121 or 1333 from your BTC Mobile Cell phone.

Is this available countrywide?

  • BTC can offer up to 50Mbps in the FTTx deployed areas. BTC continues to rollout the FTTx coverage throughout Botswana and sites will be communicated to customers as they get launched. BTC has deployed FTTx in the following areas
  • Phakalane, Thobo Homlet, Gaborone Block 3 (Broadhurst Industrial), Gaborone Block 6, Gaborone Extension 5, 9 and 11, Tsholofelo East Area, Tsholofelo West, Tlokweng Masetlheng, Tlokweng Maratang, Riverwalk Village Area, Palapye Extension 7, Mogoditshane, Nkoyaphiri, Gamecity Mall, CBD, Block 7 Flats, Maun, Kasane, kasungala, Francistown, Gerald selapa
  • As an Internet Service Provider, BTC provides internet with the best possible access medium which can either be copper (ADSL or VDSL), radio or 4.5G where the network is available. Other broadband services are available to meet your requirements.

What is other options that I could consider?

Converged Offer

  • Over and above Fixed Internet, BTC provides converged offer which bundles Fixed Internet and Mobile Internet. Any of the fixed internet offers higher than 4Mbps is required as a primary service, Mobile service of 4Mbps is then added to the package. 4 Mbps mobile internet is from a product line called FASTCONNECT which will be discussed in detail.
  • 4Mbps mobile internet offers full internet mobility at all areas where there is 4G coverage. The mobile service is offered at a speed of 4Mbps with Fair Usage Policy. What this means is that the offer comes with 80GB monthly award. What happens after depleting the 80GB is that the speed then drops to 2Mbps until the next month, 2Mbps speed is unlimited until the next month.
  • Price being communicated is P702 which is the entry point for ADSL 4Mbps + FASTCONNECT-4Mbps, however fast connect can be combined with any of the existing DSL packages, ADD P266 to DSL price .i.e.
Package Price
ADSL-4Mbps P436.00
FAST CONNECT-4Mbps P266.00
Total Price P702.00
    • FASTCONNECT 4Mbps is not available as a stand alone

    FASTCONNECT (unbundled)
    The following Mobile package are available

    Profile Contract Duration Speed Volume Fair Usage Policy(FUP) Monthly Price (VAT Incl.)
    Post-paid 24 months 10Mbps 150GB 4Mbps P599.00
    Post-paid 24 months 20Mbps 300GB 5Mbps P999.00
    • Packages have Volume capping as indicated under Volume Cap
    • FUP applies as soon as Volume Cap has been exceeded and the speed is throttled (reduce) accordingly until the next month. The throttled speed then become unlimited until the following month.

    Can I use my Internet away from home?

    • FASTCONNECT packages come with a portable device with 8 hours battery line, this means the modem can be used anywhere in Botswana where there is 4G coverage

    Who qualifies for FASTCONNECT unbundled packages

    • The offer is primarily offered in areas where BTC has no line plant or cannot provide high speed due to the distance factor. When a customer walks into the shop asking for internet service, first sell the Fixed internet offers and cross sell converged offer
    • There are instances where the customer specifically wants FASTCONNECT 10 & 20 Mbps offers even though they stay in areas where there is fixed internet infrastructure. In such cases BTC provides the requested service