About Sentlhaga Data Center

Sentlhaga Data Center Facility is a Tier II, Uptime certified Data Center. The first Data Center to be certified in Botswana and one of the few in Africa. Built to be the heart of BTC, the Facility offers a secured, scalable, cost effective environment to house customers ICT platforms and is the home to BTC’s Cloud Connect Offerings. High capacity and redundant network access further compliment the Data Center Hi-Tech feature set.

Sentlhaga Data Center Specifications

  • Uptime
    99.741% uptime
    2N redundancy
  • Operations
  • Generators
    N+1 redundancy
  • Utilities
    BPC Power Feed
  • Cooling
    N+1 redundancy in team mode
  • Monitoring
    State-of-the-art mission-critical controls and monitoring
  • Fuel Storage
    2 x 5000L diesel tanks for 48 hours continuous backup at full load
  • Pre-fitted 42U racks
  • Power density – 5kW/rack
  • N + 1 Cooling Redundancy
  • Precise in-row cooling
  • Precise in-row cooling
  • 2 group Modular UPS (2N)
  • VESDA compliant fire Protection
  • Lighting Proctection
  • N+1 Cooling Electrical
  • High-efficiency UPS systems Life Safety
  • Dual-interlock pre-action dry-pipe sprinkler system with VESDA
  • Energy saving: PUE1.25-1.6 Monitoring
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
  • Access
    Access controlled data center
    ID cards and biometric scanners
    7 security touch points to access equipment
  • Cameras
    Perimeter and interior CCTV (IP-DVR)
  • Physical Security
    24x7x365 security officers
    Security monitoring
    High Security Perimeter Fence
  • Work Space
  • Office space and meeting rooms
  • Free WiFi
  • Staging Room
  • Equipment Store Room

Diverse Connectivity Options

  • Metro Ethernet, Dedicated Inter net, IPLCs
  • Dual entries to the DC

Cross Connects

  • Fiber, copper and coaxial
  • Uptime Institute Design & Build
  • Bergvick
  • ANSI/TIA-942
  • 120sqm of data center floor
  • NOC Room
  • Power Room