Sentlhaga Colocation

The ability to securely store, manage and access business critical infrastructure is increasingly critical for your business continuity. As your business evolves, more space, more resources to handle increased loads of servers is expensive and complex. The key is to have a balance between managing critical business data, and having a secure facility to host your IT systems. With hosting your servers at Sentlhaga Data Center you get peace of mind on security and reliability that meet your business needs

Sentlhaga Colocation Features

Standard 42U rack space

  • Two IEC-type single phase power socket.
  • Vertical power strip in each rack.
  • Controlled and monitored environment and precision AC.
  • Multi levels of Security.
  • Unparalleled facility, power and network uptime guarantee.

Colocation can help your business

  • Disaster recovery Sentlhaga Colocation can act as a redundant site to your existing server room delivering redundant connectivity options to keep your business running if there is an incident, offering data back-up through to full site recovery.
  • Ensure security and compliance House your infrastructure in a purpose-built Data Center with robust security and compliance to global standards. Keep your infrastructure and data safe and fully protected.
  • Cost reduction without compromising quality demands a more cost-effective, fexible way to get Data Center resources you need for scalability to meet changing and growing demands for physical rack space.
  • High performance simple supplier management with single contracts, SLAs and accountability. Unlock cost efficiencies by shifting to an OpEx model.