Toll free (0800)

Conversations don’t have to cost anything! Toll free numbers are an easy, no-cost way for your customers to interact with you. This service allows charges for calls to be charged to you instead of the callers. The called party pays (100%) for the charge, while the calling party is not charged.

Split Charging (0811)

Split the bill with your callers with BTC Split Charging. Split charging/shared call allows the subscriber to share charges with the caller according to a ratio of 50/50. This means that both the called party and the caller will pay the charges but split in half using the above defined ratio.

  • Flexible and cost saving.
  • Efficient marketing tool.
  • Ability to extend business reach.
  • Enhances customer service.
  • Provides essential  business continuity solutions.
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    Small-Sized Businesses
    Medium Enterprises
    Large enterprise