Data Bundles

Live Social

Express yourself on your favourite social media platforms with LiveSocial. Get access media content including: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and TikTok. The bundle has a daily limit of 500MB which allows you to view posts, post updates, send and receive content and make video calls on the included social media platforms.

Live Social PackagesDaily LimitPrice (BWP)
1 Day1.5GB/Day5.00
7 Days1.5GB/Day15.00
30 Days1.5GB/Day61.00


Access Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) and Junior Certificate (JC) content Online in the comfort of your home powered by BTC Mobile.
PackagesDescriptionPrice (BWP)
1 Day250MB/Day3.00
7 Day250MB/Day10.00
30 Days250MB/Day41.00

TurnUp Bundles

Visit all your favourite sites uninterrupted with BTC TurnUp Bundles. TurnUp bundles are general use volume based bundles which offer a large bundle for a specified validity period.

1 Day50MB2.00
1 Day200MB5.00
1 Day1GB10.00
1 Day2GB18.00
2 Days1GB20.00
2 Days2GB30.00
7 Days250MB15.00
7 Days500MB28.00
7 Days1.5GB40.00
7 Days2.5GB50.00
14 Days2GB66.00
14 Days3GB85.00
14 Days5GB99.00
30 Days2GB65.00
30 Days3GB92.00
30 Days5GB112.00
30 Days10GB199.00
30 Days15GB269.00
30 Days35GB349.00

Night Riders

Access all your favorite content with unlimited BTC Mobile Internet from 00:00 to 05:00 with BTC Night Riders on Botswana’s Leading 4.5G Network for only P10.00. 

Please note that bundles must be purchased before 00:00 on the day of use.


TikTok Bundles

BTC TikTok Bundles give you access to content on TikTok. Express yourself with 1 day, 7 day and 30 day bundles.

BundleBundle VolumePrice
TikTok 1 Day250MBP5.00
TikTok 7 Days2GBP12,00
TikTok 30 Days2GBP41.00

BTC Music Bundles

Listen to your favorite tunes on Deezer with BTC Music Bundles!

Dial *180# to subscribe for daily, weekly or monthly music bundles and enjoy up to 56 million tracks on Deezer with Botswana’s widest and fastest 4.5G network.

You must have an active Deezer subscription in order to enjoy the service using BTC Music Bundles.


BTC Video Bundles

Stream your favourite DStv and Showmax shows this weekend with BTC Video Bundles. Dial *180# to subscribe for BTC Video Bundles and tune in from anywhere.