Roaming communication

How To Activate Roaming On Postpaid?

customer can visit any of our shops and request to be activated

How To Activate Roaming On Prepaid?

You dial *180#, choose option 6 (services) and choose option 2 (roaming activation/deactivation)

Can’t Make/Receive Calls Or Can’t Send/Receive SMS

Check that you’re entering the number correctly – For outgoing calls, including back home to Botswana enter the country code before dialing i.e. +267 73xxxxx. If dialing from your phone’s contact list, ensure the number has a country code prefixed to it.

How To Recharge Airtime While Roaming?

  • Through your bank USSD

Roaming Destinations

Roaming Partners

Roaming Tips

Keeping Your Data Roaming Bill Low

  • Data roaming rates can be very high and you can quickly run up a really high bill. This is because your local data rates and data bundles do not apply when you’re overseas.
  • If you are using mobile data services when roaming, ensure that you manually select the network with the lowest data roaming rates. Indicative rates can be found on the website for the indicative rates.
  • Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and other apps, use data and will be charged for at a per MB rate while roaming, as per the foreign network charges.

Data Cost-Saving Tips

  • Turn off your data services if you don’t want to use them while roaming.
  • Make sure that none of your apps will override your data roaming settings and turn your data back on.
  • Use Wi-Fi hotspots when available. Many airports, hotels, retail stores, shopping malls, conference centers and office blocks have free Wi-Fi.
  • If you do need to access the Internet or GPS services outside of Wi-Fi hotspots, turn data roaming on only when you are using it, and remember to manually select the network with the lowest data roaming rates.

How To Turn Off Your Data Settings


  1. Turn off Data: Swipe down from the top of the screen > Flick the Mobile data switch from ON to OFF
  2. Turn off Data Roaming: Go to Settings > Mobile Networks > Data Roaming


  1. Go to Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network
  2. Turn off Data Roaming
  3. Turn off Cellular Data